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  1. Memory Layout of C++ Object in Different Scenarios
  2. Inside the C++ Object Model
  3. Part 1: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Function Works Internally?
  4. Part 2: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Base Class Works Internally?
  5. Part 3: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Destructor Works?
  6. Complications of Using the Virtual Base Class
  7. 2 Wrong Way to Learn Copy Assignment Operator in C++ With Example
  8. When to Use const vs constexpr in C++
  9. All About Copy Constructor in C++ With Example
  10. How to hack C/C++ application using RTLD_NEXT with an easy example
  11. Lvalue Rvalue and Their References With Example in C++
  12. Move Constructor & Assignment Operator With std::shared_ptr
  13. Understanding unique_ptr with Example in C++11


  1. All About Lambda Function in C++(From C++11 to C++20)
  2. C++ Template: A Quick UpToDate Look(C++11/14/17/20)
  3. 7 Advance C++ Concepts & Idiom Examples You Should Know
  4. C++ Type Casting With Example for C Developers
  5. Mastering C++: Books | Courses | Tools | Tutorials | Blogs | Communities
  6. Variadic Template C++: Implementing Unsophisticated Tuple
  7. Regex C++
  8. 21 New Features of Modern C++ to Use in Your Project
  9. CRTP C++ Examples
  10. C++ Exception Handling Best Practices: 7 Things To Know
  11. Using std::map Wisely With Modern C++
  12. What Exactly nullptr Is in C++?
  13. Double Dispatch in C++: Recover Original Type of the Object Pointed by Base Class Pointer
  14. C++20 Coroutine: Under The Hood

Design Patterns With Modern C++

SOLID Design Principles in C++

  1. SRP – Single Responsibility Principle
  2. OCP – Open/Closed Principle
  3. LSP – Liskov Substitution Principle
  4. ISP – Interface Segregation Principle
  5. DIP – Dependency Inversion Principle

Creational Design Patterns in C++

  1. Factory
  2. Builder
  3. Prototype
  4. Singleton

Structural Design Patterns in C++

  1. Adapter
  2. Bridge
  3. Composite
  4. Decorator
  5. Facade
  6. Flyweight
  7. Proxy

Behavioural Design Patterns in C++

  1. Chain of responsibility
  2. Command
  3. Interpreter
  4. Iterator
  5. Mediator
  6. Memento
  7. Observer
  8. State
  9. Strategy
  10. Template Method
  11. Visitor

C Language

  1. How C Program Converts Into Assembly!
  2. How C Program Stored in Ram Memory!
  3. How Do malloc & free Work in C!
  4. Default Handlers in C: weak_alias
  5. How Floating-Point No Is Stored in Memory!
  6. CRT: C Run Time Before Starting main()
  7. Coroutine in C Language

Linux System Programming

  1. Understand ELF file format
  2. How Program Gets Run: Linux
  3. Execute Threads Parallelly at Given Time: pthread_barrier_t
  4. Dynamic Linking Example
  5. Binary semaphore example between threads in C
  6. Semaphore between processes example in C
  7. Create Process Using fork()
  8. Socket Programming
  9. Signal Handling
  10. Shared Memory IPC
  11. A Bit About mmap
  12. Dealing with Multiple file descriptor : poll() system call
  13. Clone system call example
  14. Error Handling : setjmp & longjmp
  15. Thread Conditional Wait with Mutex : pthread_cond_t)
  16. A Bit About vfork
  17. Unix Domain Socket


  1. How Does Virtual Memory Work?
  2. Watchdog Timer(WDT) & Window Watchdog Timer(WWDT)
  3. 4 Levels of Vim Editor Commands
  4. How to Install and Configure VNC Server on Linux!
  5. GNU Build System: Automake, Autoconf, Libtool