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This page gives you a quick start index for entire blog, segregated topic-wise: C++ Fundamentals Memory Layout of C++ Object in Different Scenarios Inside the C++ Object Model Part 1: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Function Works Internally? Part 2: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Base Class Works Internally? Part 3: All About Virtual Keyword in C++: How Does Virtual Destructor Works? Complications of Using the Virtual Base Class 2 Wrong Way to Learn Copy Assignment Operator in C++ With Example When to Use const vs constexpr in C++ All About Copy Constructor in C++ With Example How to hack C/C++ application using RTLD_NEXT with an easy example Lvalue Rvalue and Their References With Example in C++ Move Constructor & Assignment Operator With std::shared_ptr Understanding unique_ptr with Example in C++11 Advanced All About Lambda Function in C++(From C++11 to C++20) C++ Template: A Quick UpToDate Look(C++11/14/17/20) 7 Advance C++ Concepts & Idiom Examples You Should Know C++ Type Casting With Example for C Developers Mastering C++: Books | Courses | Tools | Tutorials | Blogs | Communities Variadic Template C++: Implementing Unsophisticated Tuple Regex C++ 21 New Features of Modern C++ to Use in Your Project CRTP C++ Examples C++ Exception Handling Best Practices: 7 Things To Know Using std::map Wisely With Modern C++ What Exactly nullptr Is in C++?...

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Hi, I’m Vishal — Experienced Enthusiast For: C++, System Software, Firmware, SoC Modeling & Leadership. I am a techie who writes software in Assembly/C/C++(11/14/17)/SystemC/Python along with any other technologies that are needed to get things done. I also dabble in blogging, leadership, technical writing & application programming when time permits. At present, leading a team on a technical front along with non-technical nuisances, to create a high impact on individual team member’s career growth while considering corporate accountability also....

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Hey there…! I am Vishal. I live in Bangalore, India. I write articles here about the things I’m interested in. I watch a lot of sci-fi movies & never miss the iron-man/transformer like series. I write code & preserve it if it is helpful to others & me in the future. Some of the words that describe me the best: Software Developer⌨, Tech-Lead👨‍✈️, Product Owner🥼, Fitness Freak🏋, Geek🤓, Hipster🕴, Blogger👨‍💻, Productivity Hacker⌚, Technical Writer✍️, Tech talker👨‍🎤, Leader👨‍🔬, Mentor👨🏻‍🔧, Perpetual Student👨‍🎓, Incomplete🔍 & Learning Fiend📚....

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